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Dyne LoadingSTAR®

What is Dyne LoadingSTAR®?

Dyne LoadingSTAR® is designed to eliminate any staining procedure. It contains a sensitive, stable and relatively safe fluorescent dye which is designed to replace the highly toxic Ethidium Bromide for staining DNA. The fluorescent dye forms a tight complex and comigrates with sample DNA during electrophoresis. DNA bands can be visualized immediately after the run by placing the gels on a standard UV transillumiator.

Comparison with Ethidium Bromide in Gel Staining

This is the comparison of LoadingSTAR® and EtBr in gel staining using 1% agarose gel in TAE buffer.
1kb DNA Ladder was loaded onto each gel in 4 lanes in amounts of 100ng, 75ng, 50ng and 24ng from left to right.

Intellectual property rights

Trade Mark registration: LoadingSTAR (Registration no.: 40-1457466; Registration date: 13. Mar. 2019; Rep. of Korea)