Pioneer of Biotechnology

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R&D Center

R&D center is continuing its efforts to provide the best products and services to biotechnology researchers since its establishment in 1999.

R&D center has independently developed Dyne LoadingSTAR, a safe nucleic acid staining solution that is essential for genetic research and tries to facilitate research convenience for researchers through continuous development of DNA enzymes and DNA/RNA purification kits.

We devote ourselves in becoming an advanced functional biomaterials venture business. This enables us to secure the original technology of Dyne-NAO development - the world's first health functional food and drug material.

Recently, we progressed research and development of the Oragan-on-a-Chip (organoid chip) that realizes the function of body organs and launched products for the first time in Korea.

Dyne Bio laboratory is future-oriented and is about to take the second leap by promoting business about global functional foods and drug materials. Through biotechnology, we will do our best to become the great bio corporation in the hopes of making contribution to the health and happiness of human beings.