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Bioactive Compounds

Fucose (L-Fucose)


Fucose is a functional ingredient from brown algae.

Many biomaterials use seaweeds as raw materials but none of them have been developed as functional health foods because high purity refining technology has not been developed. However, we succeeded in producing fucose with 99.9% purity through SMB (simulated moving bed) which is a method of continuous chromatography.

Fucose is mainly known for anti-blood coagulation therapy. It also has function of increasing microbiome activity in gut, inhibiting allergic reactions and anti-viral & anti-cancer functions. These show similar tendencies in fucoidan but fucoidan has difficult in intestinal absorption as it’s a polymer. Therefore the study of fucoidan as low-molecule compound is actively carried on lately.

Dyne Bio Inc. has manufactured monosaccharide complex including fucose and is in the process of verifying its functionality in improving metabolic disease and enhancing joint health. We are developing it as an ingredient of functional health food.

Structure of Fucose

Biological efficacy

Efficacy Biological activity

Metabolic Syndrome

- Obesity
- Fatty liver
• Anti-obesity

- Reduction of the adipocytes differentiation

- Inhibition of the expression of lipogenesis-related genes

- Upregulation of lipolysis related gene expression

- Reduction of fat accumulation in liver

Immune function

• Macrophage

- cytokine expression(IL-6, GM-CSF)

- Reduction of LPS-induced cytokine release (IL-6, TNF-α) in both

of pretreatment and post-treatment of fucose