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Organ on a Chip

Dyne Skin System

What is 3-D HuChip® Dyne Skin System?

Dyne Skin System is an organ on a chip that simulates skin's dermis and epidermis in 3D using collagen. It is a product that implements the physiological function of the vascular endothelial cells so that they have a similar shape and function to the actual skin.
It makes possible to identify the skin toxic reactions or efficacy of cosmetic materials in human cells that are prohibited from evaluating through animal testing.

Features of 3-D HuChip® Dyne Skin System

  • Possible to culture epidermis and dermis in three-dimensional environment.
  • Possible to realize keratinocyte.
  • Depending on the purpose of the efficacy evaluation, melanoma cells or immune cells can be additionally cultivated.
  • Possible to check the viability rate of cells by counting the number of cells directly. The level of secretion of some cytokine in the culture fluid can be examined for the inflammatory response of the skin.


  • Irritancy test
  • Skin absorption test