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Organ on a Chip

Dyne Intestinal-Liver System

What is 3-D HuChip® Dyne Intestinal-Liver System?

  • Dyne Intestinal-Liver System is an organ on a chip which replicates the human body’s intestine
    and liver
  • The three-dimensional intestinal cell culture was developed by applying a villi-like
    construction. It shows the absorption of the intestine similar to that of the human body.
  • This system is a type of micro-channel with a constant flow. This flow can spread the
    substance and oxygen evenly to cells and culture medium.
  • This flow is maintained through the gravity flow machine by setting the slope, the rate, and
    the time that has stopped after the inclination to a computer program.

Features of 3-D HuChip® Dyne Intestinal-Liver System

  • Simulating blood flow allows more accurate view of the drug's effectiveness.
  • With the application of a villi-like construction, the intestine absorption pattern can be observed.
  • Continuous movement allows to keep cell viability high.
  • Layer isolation culture using membrane enables monitoring of the drug movement from intestine to liver.
  • Possible to observe the reaction of cells by injecting directly from blood vessel to liver.


  • Identify pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics (PK/PD)
  • Identify the inhibition of fat accumulation in the liver
  • Identify the anti-diabetic effects (identify a-glucosidase, glucose transporter expression)