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Bioactive Compound


Product Specification

neoagaro-oligosaccharide (Dyne-NAO)
neoagarobiose (NADP2)
neoagarotetraose (NADP4)
neoagarohexaose (NADP6)
Description :
  • - Dyne-NAO is produced by hydrolyzing agar with β-agarase.
  • - It can be separated and purified into high purity of neoagarobiose(DP2), neoagarotetraose(DP4) and neoagarohexaose(DP6) by varying polymerization degree.
  • - Dyne-NAO is highly likely to be applied as functional bio-food materials as it has various biological activities; anti-obesity, anti-diabetes, anti-viral, anti-blood clotting and anti-inflammation.
Appearance : liquid(clear), powder(white to pale brown
Purity of Dyne-NAO (DP4+DP6) : ≥40%
Purity of NADP4 (DP4) : ≥95%
Purity of NADP6 (DP6) : ≥95%
pH : 6.5~7.5
Storage temperature : -20℃